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LinuxSupport.org.uk started out as a repository where I could consolidate and store all my various Linux notes and installation instructions. As such it's very much a work in progress and many articles are written in the form of a diary of what I did to get a particular application up and running.

I don't claim that any particular set of instructions are the definitive way of doing anything, but rather a way that I've found, often through self-learning and perusing README files, to get things up and running, detailing any possible problems I run into along the way.

My aim for this site is for it to become a handy repository of useful information which may aid newcomers and experienced people alike in solving various Linux system administration problems and stumbling blocks.

If you've discovered your own ways of doing things or think you could improve upon, or offer improvements to my notes here, then please contact me.

To this end, I hope you find LinuxSupport.org.uk useful and informative.

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